Leveraging innovation concepts with Lean 6 Sigma Methods !

Lean Six Sigma Operational Excellence

Lean 6 Innovations goes beyond many other contract engineering and consulting firms by providing both management consulting and training as well as contract performance of the Lean Six Sigma Operational excellence services identified below. Whether you need a training class to improve your internal operations, extra capacity in your quality areas, or a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt to get that critical project accomplished, we can custom tailor our services to your needs. Click on the specific area of interest below for more information.

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Throughout implementation of these lean six sigma techniques, we will also bring our two summary lean six sigma management techniques to all plans and actions, that being:


        The voice of the customer - we bring our considerable expertise in analyzing the voice of the customer to make sure the improvements implemented add value to your organization from your customers perspective.


        Structured decision making process options for action are often complex, and it is important to use a structured decision making process to help make the most effective decisions.

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